1. Who are usual sellers?
  • Home owners that want to sell their home fast
  • Home owners that needs more repairs than they have the money
  • Inherited properties that is not needed or wanted
  • Owners behind on tax or mortgage payments
  • Unwanted rental property
  • Relocating and need to sell their house fast
  • Facing Foreclosure
  1. What is the criteria that you are looking for:
  • Abandoned or vacant
  • Inherited and needs a lot of work
  • Owner can not afford repairs
  • Tax Liens
  • Want to stop being landlord (occupied or vacant)
  1. How does this process work?
  • Go to our How It Works page and see our explanation of our simple 4 step process.
  1.  How is the price offered calculated? 
  • We take into consideration a lot of different factors such as:
  • Condition
  • Cost of improvements needed
  • The after repaired value of the house
  • The costs to resell the home
  • The costs of insurance, utilities, taxes, loan payments incurred to buy the house, and maintenance while the house is being remodeled and on the marketed for resell.
  1. What if my property is rented?
  • We can still purchase your property with tenants in them.
  1. Can I stop foreclosure by selling my house?
  • Yes, this will enable you to avoid foreclosure. Selling pre-foreclosure will help you to protect your credit
  1. What kind of houses do you purchase?
  • We buy all types of houses, such as ugly houses, those in need of a lot of repairs, rentals, multi-units, and others.
  1. What is the cost of your service?
  • This service is of no cost to you, and there are no underlying hidden fees.
  1. If I give you information about my property, am I obligated to sell to you?
  • No, You are not obligated by providing us information
  1. What price range of properties do you purchase?
  • We buy houses at all price points.

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